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Our team is driven by one unifying goal: to provide an ecosystem where students of diverse backgrounds can learn AI and collaborate to solve the world's greatest problems. In late 2019, AIxEntrepreneurs started out as a club with only 25 members at the Abu Dhabi Youth Hub - founded and operated by Aashi Tyagi. Since then, AIxEntrepreneurs has grown to include 150+ members located across 3 cities. Meet the dedicated people behind our success.

Aashi Tyagi

Founder & President

Aashi Tyagi, Founder and President, is a junior at the International School of Choueifat and plans on pursuing a career in technology and business. She is involved in robotics and AI research, education equity, web development, classical ballet and journalism. She writes for Feel Your Tempo - a publication based in the UAE. In her free time, Aashi enjoys spending time with her family and friends, visiting art exhibitions, reading nonfiction and collecting Bob Dylan records.

Vedant Bhansali

Head of Dubai

Vedant, a sophomore at Dubai College, has always fostered a passion for finance, technology and business. Through his previous initiatives such as The Microfinance Fund and Investment Society, Vedant has leveraged his understanding of FinTech to stimulate local enterprise and initiate global empowerment.

Anoushka Kapur

Ambassador, GEMS Modern Academy Dubai

Anoushka, a senior at GEMS Modern Academy, loves all things tech-related. She is a member of her school’s IT Council and part of the leadership team for their in-house STEM club. When she’s not trying to complete online coding courses and juggling schoolwork, she is heavily involved in poetry and social service.

Vedha Sitlani

Ambassador, Dubai American Academy

Vedha, a sophomore at Dubai American Academy, has always had an avid interest in economics and business. She has founded a small non-profit organization that aims to advocate for the equal education of girls in rural areas. She is also passionate about theater and enjoys watching movies from the 50’s.

Maher Gidwani

Head of Marketing

Maher, a sophomore at the Cambridge International School Dubai, is passionate about entrepreneurship, marketing and poetry. He loves exploring the implications of entrepreneurship for technologists, and engages in debate and public speaking.

Raagav Ramakrishnan

Ambassador, The Millennium School

Raagav, a junior at The Millennium School, Dubai is passionate about tech innovation, debate, public speaking and writing. When it comes to technology, he's interested in the future it holds for us and how we can equip ourselves to become better people. He is also interested in the field of business, marketing and economics.

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