Our Vision

AIxEntrepreneurs is a global movement that aims to inspire the next generation of entrepreneurs and innovators to leverage artificial intelligence and entrepreneurship for social good. Through a combination of expert mentoring, workshops, hackathons, programs, talks and competitions, AIxEntrepreneurs aims to empower young people to make a difference in the world through artificial intelligence. AIxEntrepreneurs works to create a future where people of all identities and backgrounds have access to AI and entrepreneurship education.

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We’re working for a future where diverse backgrounds, perspectives, and voices unlock AI’s potential to solve humanity's most challenging problems.

How we're making this vision reality


Build AI Skills

Our students learns the fundamental concepts and techniques of AI, then apply them to solve real problems faced by society and the world at large. Topics include but are not limited to: supervised/unsupervised learning; linear and logistic regression; natural language processing; neural networks; computer vision; applications of AI; ethics and implications of AI.

Entrepreneurial Skills

In the entrepreneurship segment of the program, students are broken in to the world of startups and work on transforming their idea into a product/service addressing a true market need. Topics include but are not limited to: design thinking for entrepreneurs; market research; creating a business plan; go-to-market strategy; the art of the pitch; creating a pitch deck

Open doors

As members of the global AIxEntrepreneurs community, students have the opportunity to connect with other like-minded technologists. We connect students to inspiring AI technologists, engineers and entrepreneurs through webinars, conferences, competitions, workshops and panels.

Our Chapters

Get involved today, and start a chapter in your local community! Our chapters incorporate our proprietary curriculum, and are encouraged to spearhead their own initiatives, while assisting AIxEntrepreneurs in our goal of achieving inclusive and equitable AI education on a global scale. Our chapters and their driven ambassadors lie at the heart of our success.

  • Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

  • Dubai, United Arab Emirates

  • Sharjah, United Arab Emirates


What Our Students Are Saying 

AIxEntrepreneurs Student

Ferishte Khan

As a person who knew zero to nothing about AI, AIxEntrepreneurs really succeeded in not only helping me understand the fundamentals but also making it a fun experience all the while. I would say the most incredible aspect of AIxEntrepreneurs was the amount of support and mentorship Aashi gave us. The most important entrepreneurial skill I learnt was teamwork and collaborating when team members have differing visions.

AIxEntrepreneurs Student

Nakul Bhansali

AIxEntrepreneurs was a great place to meet like-minded people and to learn about AI. Aashi's excitement about AI was infectious. She also guided us through the process of making a business plan step by step The Club's curriculum was thorough and well-designed to suit everyone's learning. One thing I learnt from being a part of AIxEntrepreneurs was how important collaboration and discussion is to the innovation process. 

AIxEntrepreneurs Student

Leen Zubi

I love AIxEntrepreneurs for its creative and interactive environment. I learnt how to transform my idea into a fullproof startup, how to work in a team, create presentations and pitch in front of an audience. Aashi was great - friendly, informative, passionate and supporting during all club activities. The presentations were informative and interactive, and the worksheets were user-friendly and clear.

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